Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2 grey squirrels together today

Morning or Afternoon everyone,

I am sat with my coffee in the garden watching 2 grey squirrels munching on monkey nuts & peanuts from the hanging baskets.
Sometimes I look and I'm blown away at how close they let me get. Part of me does not want to make them too used to humans because one day it might back fire on them if they come up to the wrong person. Maybe its a good thing that they keep their distance with a dubious look upon their faces.

I still have a fantasy that one day I will have all the wildlife eating happily out of my hands like you see in the Disney films.

I heard something screaming last night really loud. It was coming from the woods and I am sure it was a fox as Id heard their screams can sound disturbing. Is it the right time of year for the female to be screaming like that? or could it have been male territory problems?

No Owls though and i was in the garden at 4am this morning, (I'm a night owl) and usually lots of work keeps me up that late.

Ive decided how I would like my garden designed once I can afford to go for it and it warms up a little...say Spring time maybe. I'm having hedging all around the back garden & front but at the back I am having a medium sized pond with running water feature that will run the water down in to a smaller sized pond. All of this will be absolutely covered around with conifers of some sort so lots of privacy for bathing birds and what not. (Ooooh I cant wait!)

I should have some video footage and some good photos for you all next time I blog :)

Take care,


  1. Aw, bless the little squirrels! They are very sweet creatures. I always wonder what their tails feel like. Probably so soft that you can hardly feel them, I reckon.

    Your garden plans sound wonderful!

    Laura x

  2. I love reading about your garden. It sounds so peaceful and enchanting. I cannot wait to see some pictures of it! I hope you are well and surviving the cold that I have been hearing a lot about.

    God bless you sweet Lauren,


  3. Love it! Its like the secret garden! You must wear a dress and a hat with a ribbon.. make sure to fix a swing to a tree too!