Tuesday, 15 February 2011

So much action at night

Hia Everyone,

Last night I stayed up late doing work & I love a good night time experience especially here because of the wildlife that go bump in the night.
I noticed over the road there were a few Rabbits so I took some winter bird seed mix & an apple that no one in the house seemed to want to eat over to where they were. I have loved them pop over to the front garden but didn't want to take the chance on encouraging them to get run over even if the street is always quiet at night from traffic.
Within minutes the apple was gone and the bird seed was tempting them back to the spot :) So now I know I have another bill when I go for my shopping (apples/carrots/bananas and anything else they enjoy eating).
Once I know something is there I just cant not put something out and help them in case they need it.
Jordan my little boy thinks I'm cute and calls me Miss sunshine because I'm always smiling out the windows. I dont know if he is just humoring me or not but whatever....makes him smile too anyway!

I knew we had Owls around here because Id heard them at night but was never sure which ones so I did some listening then identifying and it turns out we have Little Owls & Tawny Owls.
You should here them, one makes a high pitch screaming noise and the other makes the sound of twit twoo.
I think I will put some nest boxes up for them and see if any take to them, wish me luck!

This morning I woke to find the beautiful Leucistic Chaffinch female on the feeders with a Siskin so I was well chuffed at that. No Redwings have came to the garden today as far as I know though, the food is on show in case they do.

There is plenty more day left so there may be some more bits added if I spot anything excited to report back on.
Until then,

Zoom zoom!