Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hope they come back?

Hia everyone,

Every morning I stick the kettle on and make myself a strong cup of coffee to take in to the garden.
Today it has been beautiful and sunny out there with vibrant rays of sunshine striking down at the bird's favourite tree. Ive still not worked out what type of tree it is but they all love playing in it so that suits me.
Usually I leave the feeders alone until around noon then top up with sunflower hearts, this way everything gets eaten.

Today the Bullfinch came back twice so far followed by a pair of Goldfinches. I heard for the first time the Bullfinch call, what a lovely sound from a beautiful bird. The Nuthatch made an appearance around the same time the Great spotted woodpecker arrived. I love the sound of the woodpecker in the trees, trying to spot them up there is hard though.

I might start getting nyjer seed again for the Goldfinches, either that or plant some thistles for them so they become regular. I still can not get over how gorgeous these birds are.

I started with one Gray Squirrel and now have two chasing each other around the garden. My mission is to get at least one to eat monkey nuts out of my hand (wishful thinking?)

The Great spotted woodpecker loves the peanuts & everything else just seem to be indulging right now on sunflower hearts so another huge bag is on order.

I dont understand why some people are not keen on Pigeons? I think they are brilliant and I end up having around 10 at a time walking around my garden cleaning up all the little leftovers from the smaller birds. They are so good at it that I am calling them mini dysons ;)

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?



  1. I don't understand people not liking pigeons either. There is a big wood pigeon on my feeder right now. I love pigeons. We also get lots of collared doves - there were six of them sat in a row on the fence yesterday!

    Laura x

  2. One of my best friends is an absolute bird fanatic, and his favorite? Pigeons. I'm a fan of pretty much all wildlife, and as for pigeons, I love how they coo. So soothing.