Monday, 14 February 2011

Getting old Nikon out the cupboard

Hia Everyone,

I have to admit I have been put off posting for a while because of the lack of photos to accompany my writing. So I have decided to forget about waiting for the amazing super duper shot camera and just dust my old Nikon off to see how well I can capture what I see for you all.

I have so many birds coming to my garden now that it would be a shame not to have some great shots of them for you all & my blog was beginning to look bare and boring without them.

There has been a flock of Goldfinch playing up high in the trees for a while but before now they hadn't really ventured to my garden so I waited patiently and what do you know?? I have 10 + on a daily/regular basis. I am utterly over the moon and love watching them.
It seems to be that at any given time I can glance at the garden and see not only my regular Blue tits/Great tits/Coal tits & Robins but so many Chaffinches, Bullfinches, Greenfinches & now Goldfinches. I can not believe that these are now there nearly every time I look....I feel so happy.

I love watching them squabble & squabble they do! I noticed that they like to eat together so I bought a 6 pole Nyjer seed feeder so they could all fit on but there are too many Goldfinches now & so I need to buy another.
My other feeders are just too small for them now which contain the sunflower hearts which they love more then nyjer (to be honest) So I will be getting a couple of 6 or 10 pole feeders so they and all the other birds can get a look in.

I did however have my first visit from a Siskin the other day & true to form it came back again today bringing a friend with it. Ive not worked out if they are male/female or both same sex, I just know they are Siskins :) By the way, these little ones only just arrived as the big Nyjer seed feeders got hung so its nice to know what you put out can attract new birds.

On Saturday 12th Feb I had a visit from an unusual looking bird which I ended up identifying as a Leucistic Chaffinch female. She was beautiful and stood out like a saw thumb in the tree with all the usual chaffinch markings but where she would be tan/buff colour, this one was white with little patches on her head.
I filmed her and will upload the video for you all to see hopefully with my next post.

Back to today's findings, I was looking around when I noticed a not so regular bird fly up in to the tree followed by another. I ran and grabbed my binoculars from upstairs and checked them out. They were Redwings and it was my first time to see one of these. I done some identifying on the RSPB website and sure enough it was definitely them which I find remarkable as these are red status birds and a winter visitor. Well I felt special to think they were in the trees at the back of my garden and here's hoping they come down for lunch tomorrow with the rest of the guests :)

That's all from me for today but I will dust off my camera and get some shots as best I can so there is at least something nice to look at on my blog. Reading can get boring :)

Zoom zoom!


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs, Lauren! It's nice to find someone who still finds pleasure in nature and God's creatures. :)


  2. Enjoying your writings about your experiences with all the birds very much!
    You are a treasure, Loren!
    I heard the birds here this morning for the first time this season ~ I live about 40 miles outside of Chicago...
    Looking forward to more from you / GG